5 Benefits of Having a Relationship With Your Affiliate Manager

Many affiliates don’t know that working closely with an affiliate manager can pay off in many ways. If you have a affiliate manager relationshipprogram that you are passionate about or make lots of sales for, you should be in close contact with your affiliate manager. Here are some of the benefits of working closely with your affiliate manager:

  • FREE Product Samples. Depending on the product or service, the company knows that you will sell more if you are more intimate with the company and the products of the company. If your manager can help get product to you, he or she will. I know as an affiliate manager I have done this and seen the impact on sales.
  • Increased Commissions. Many affiliates don’t know that they can (in some cases) get more commissions just for asking. Now keep in mind, you have to be an active and top producing affiliate in most cases to get higher commissions, however they do exist. As an affiliate, I have received commission increases just for asking.
  • Learn About New Products or Services. Sometimes, the company will share with their top affiliates or insiders about new products or services that are coming down the road to allow you to prepare for them and be ahead of the general pool of affiliates.
  • Early Bird Offers. Related to the above “coming soon” products, some companies will allow their trusted affiliates to test new offers to see how they convert. This gives you the opportunity to promote a product in your niche before others do.
  • Other Perks. Often you can get other perks such as event tickets simple because your affiliate manager has access to them and you are on the top of their mind.

Now you know what you need to do. Reach out to your affiliate manager, get on their radar, and reap the rewards of being connected to the companies that you are promoting.


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