7 Ways PLR Content Can Help Your Affiliate Marketing Business

If you are not familiar with PLR Content, you need to be. PLR stands for Private Label Rights and this is the kind of web content that you can purchase to resell. Reselling PLR content is one of the oldest ways of making money online, dating back to my early days on the web.  What I am writing to tell you about is how this content can help you in your affiliate marketing business.

Over the weekend, I launched a new PLR Site called MassivePLArticles.com.  I realized that I had a reseller program that I never actually put to use and it contained over 14,000 articles. Do you know how many niche websites you could launch with 14,000 articles? Well, let’s just say you launched 100 and each earned $1 per day; you now have an automated $3,000 per month income.

I wrote a report called “Making Money with Private Label Rights Content” that I am including in the reseller package, that gives a bit more insight on the 7 ways to use PLR content to build an affiliate business or any online business.  Here are the 7 strategies in short:

1. Blogging.

2. Article Marketing (and not submitting to the article sites either)

3. Link Building.

4. Creating Niche Websites.

5 .Email Marketing

6. Creating Niche Ebooks

7. Being a PLR Reseller

I saved reselling for last because so many online businesses focus on selling the business as the business, so I would not want to be guilty of that.  Best os all, this is not hype or theory; I recently launched a niche site based on PLR content and it is growing well, and I expect it to be a decent income earner over time (or I might even sell the site down the road).

If you want to learn more, check out my new PLR Reseller Site and learn how you can get this same MASSIVE PLR Bundle for just $49.99 (limited to the first 100 purchasers).  You will also get the full version of “Making Money with Private Label Rights Content” and be on your way to earning the online income you desire and deserve.

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