8 Ways to Maximize Your Income as an Affiliate Marketer

Want to maximize your income as an affiliate marketer? Whether you are just getting started, or you have been in the Affiliate Marketing Green Blue Squaresbusiness forever, the answer should be YES. The moment we get complacent in the business is when we start to see attrition.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize your affiliate marketing income.

  1. Get Paid Faster. This may seem like a simple one, but if your merchants offer direct deposit and you are not taking advantage of that, you are not getting paid as fast as you can. Some merchants are old school and still send paper checks, but most have direct deposit and if you don’t ask you will never know.
  2. Get Paid More. Did you know you can often negotiation higher commissions as a top producing affiliate? I’ve done it on more than one occasion and al you need to do is ask. The caveat is that you actually need to be producing revenue for the merchant and typically, you would need to be a high producing affiliate. Give it a try; the worst they can say is no.
  1. Enter a Contest. Many merchants run contests where they offer bonuses for the top sellers within a specific time period. I would only recommend this if it’s in your niche or you have a rock solid method of driving affordable but targeted traffic. Otherwise it could be a distraction.
  1. Drive More Targeted Traffic. If your campaigns are producing well, when driving more traffic to them should produce more income for you. If you are not running Facebook ads (and your target market is on Facebook) I highly recommend at least testing the ads for both list building and direct sales offers.
  1. Build Your Expert Status. As the industry expert people will come to you for solutions. Fulfilling those needs through affiliate offers is a great way to earn more income because it usually does not require you to personally fulfill the work.To been seen as the go to expert in your field, make sure you have a website, a solid LinkedIn profile, and use a service such as HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to get featured by the media.
  1. Add Additional Offers. If you have a niche and an active list, you can easily bring in more money by solving more problems for your community. This can be done by finding out what they need and finding the merchant offers that fulfill those needs.
  1. Grow Your Email List. I have seen consistently that affiliate with stronger lists (i.e. engaged and growing) make more money. As an affiliate manager, its amazing how I have to work so hard to get someone to run an email, and then when they do they are amazed to see a $500 or $1,000+ payday just from sending that one email. Then I convince them to do it again (because open rates are so low) and yes, they see more money come in time and time again. As an update, here is a post I wrote on building a solid email list as an affiliate marketer.
  2. Attend Affiliate Summit. By attending Affiliate Summit, you will create stronger relationships, and learn the skills you need to master the craft of affiliate marketing. If you have not been, you will be amazed… perhaps even mesmerized, by the experience.  If you want to attend the upcoming Affiliate Summit West in Last Vegas, you can get early bird registration by using this link.

I hope you found these helpful. Let me know which ones you are able to implement and what the results are.


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