Are You Earning Mailbox Money?

Do you know what mailbox money is?  My definition is money that I get in the mail that I was not expecting. Today, I got an unexpected check from one of the affiliate companies that I represent. I have not actively run an ad for – or mentioned – this company in months, yet I still get checks from them every now and again for referring people to their service. Now, I do have a few websites that reference them as well as a few ebooks, but that is the power of setting yourself up as an affiliate marketer.  You can have dozens of these if you choose to.

Ideally, you will be proactive and intentional with your affiliate marketing efforts, but when you decide to stop promoting a product, the links that you have put out there should still serve you well. One such company that I promoted over 8 years ago still sends me money from time to time. I would almost swear that they just share the leads that don’t have affiliates with their affiliates, because I cannot imagine that these links are still up, but of course, I don’t want to ask and stop the money from coming in.

Mailbox money does not have to physically come in the mail, although its cool when it does. I also have affiliate products & services that I get paid for via direct deposit, such as one travel offer that I stop promoting back in 2009. It’s not much, but it all adds up.

If you want to build some mailbox income, here is my recommendation. I recommend that you use sell Amazon products as an affiliate. Why? First, because people trust Amazon and secondly, because people often buy more than one item and you will get a commission on all of the products they buy within 24 hours of visiting through your affiliate link. There are lots of cool resources to help you sell as an Amazon affiliate.  I will be sharing more in the future, but one I wanted to share with you called EasyAzon. It is a WordPress plugin that makes creating Amazon affiliate links very simple. If you are not already an Amazon affiliate, I recommend registering (it’s free) and getting yourself on the road to lots of mailbox money!




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