Happiness is Waking Up To Affiliate Commissions

This morning I was logging in to Share a Sale, and I don’t even recall why, but I noticed that my balance had increased Affiliate Commission Check(Share a Sale shows you overall balance at the top of the page when you login.) It’s not that I follow it that closely, but I was just logged in and happened to recall the number.

I then started to ask “what could have triggered a commission?” So I went and looked at where the commission came from and I realized it was a new link from a blog post I had recently written. I’d say that blog post was a hit; it generated a few leads and now a direct commission (of almost $300.)

So what about you? Are you waking up to affiliate commissions?

I recall years ago when I had a very strong affiliate income. I was in the trenches daily promoting several offers across several industries. At this time, I was not just watching commissions daily, I was watching them multiple times per day. Those were the good old days for me in affiliate marketing. I still do well, it’s just that I don’t have as many automated affiliate income generating sites. I also do more in the areas of affiliate management & coaching now, so I spend lots of time recruiting and training.

If you are not waking up to affiliate commissions (and you want to be), here are some steps that I recommend:

  1. Read our Affiliate Marketing 101 section.
  2. Choose an industry that you are passionate about.
  3. Find an offer to promote in that industry.
  4. Build a brand around your niche.
  5. Stay FOCUSED! Lack of focus kills more businesses in my experience than anything else.
  6. Hire a coach. If you need help putting the pieces together, an affiliate marketing coach can help. I offer a free consultation as well.

I hope this helps get you on track to getting those affiliate commissions!


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