How Long Do You Hold On to Affiliate Commission Checks?

I love Aweber, both as a customer and an affiliate. I get a check from them every month like clockwork because they pay out Affiliate Commission Checkresidual commissions (sign a customer up and get paid for the life of the customer.) As a customer, I never pay for my service because my affiliate commission checks far exceed the cost of the software (I’m also grandfathered into the $19 per month unlimited subscribers plan). What’s not to love?

I had to chuckle this morning when I was cleaning my desk (prompted by my wife). I had the letter that they send with my affiliate commission check, which usually has promotional tips and stuff like that. It also has a sentence highlighted in bold “Please sure to promptly deposit or cash the enclosed check. NOTE: Your check will expire in 180 days!

Why did I chuckle? Well, I thought to myself, “what affiliate marketer is holding on to their affiliate commission checks for 6 months?”

I’m not sure how long I’ve held on to a check, but let’s just say, for those old school companies like Aweber who still send paper checks, I am more than happy to run through the drive through once a month.

What about you?


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