How to Get Free Products & Services as an Affiliate Marketer

One way to naturally sell products as an affiliate is to market products or services that you use and love. All you need to do is find out if the company offers an affiliate program and sign up, If they don’t, you might be able to negotiate your own private affiliate deal to get paid for your referrals. In the end, you may find that you earn more money for selling that product or service than you do paying for it.

Some great examples that I have done this with are:

  • Autoresponder system. I have been a customer of Aweber for years and I am also an active affiliate. The fact that they pay residuals is a bonus and helps me to earn much more than I spend on my service.
  • Web Hosting. We use multiple web hosting providers, but all of our hosting is paid for by our web hosting affiliate sales.
  • Web Tools. I don’t want to mention the company as I no longer use them, but I was an affiliate of a company whose service I used and for a time my affiliate commissions covered the cost of my service.
  • Ebooks. It’s easy to sell a few ebooks to cover the cost of an ebook or eCourse. In one case, I wrote a review of an ebook and as a result, I sold about 30 copies of the ebook per month without spending a dime in marketing.

Most of my affiliate income has come from companies whose services I do not use (my biggest producers have been in the financial services industry), but they were products and services that I believed in offered by companies I trusted.

What about you? Are there any products or services you have paid for with your affiliate earnings?

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