Millionaire Blogger Tips from Affiliate Summit West 2017

I attended the session titled How to Become a Millionaire Blogger – Ask the Experts featuring Syed Balkhi (WPBeginner / OptinMonster), John Chow (John Chow dot Com), Zac Johnson (MoneyReign Inc), and John Rampton (

John Chow led the Q&A and the answers are below:

Give us one Millionaire blogger tip…

(Zac) – Post expert round ups as they leverage the social capital of those you interview and align your brand with trusted names.

(Syed) Use Buzz Sumo to see what is getting leverage, what your audience is looking for, and who is sharing it.

(John R) – Has a weekly call with peers and each needs to bring 10 topics / titles to the call. “Titles matter… People select what they will read based on the titles to articles.”

(John Chow) – Early on, John hosted media party at CES with models, then posted photos with models posing with the guests and they all shared them via social media.

Up to 95% of blogs don’t make money… What are they doing wrong?

Treat visitors like customers… Have something to offer them. (Zac)

Your blog has to solve a problem… It can’t just be a passion. Does your product solve a problem for your audience? (Syed)

(John R)  – Read Zac’s book 🙂 Know that it will take time; make sure you are putting out lots of content. One strategy he learned was to place ads up of solid companies and that attracted others to advertise.

What can you use other than ads to monetize?

(Zac) – Niche your audience. Find what they want.

(Syed) Promote products. The blog is the medium to get the products to your audience to solve their problem.

(John Chow) – Have two types of products: one time sales and recurring sales. Sell higher end products; selling a $10,000 product does not require 1,000 times the effort to sell.

(John Rampton) – Know and use the service you recommend (you will sell more of it). Don’t promote crap… It will kill your audience engagement.

We’ve all stated that promotion of content is more important than developing content. What is your best content promotion strategy?

(Zac) Write for other sites and reach new audiences as a guest author.

(Syed) 1. Collaborations – meaning you guest post for a site that is willing to do the same for you.  2. Boost posts on Facebook using retargeting pixel to build a custom audience. 3. Share with a cohort that has a similar size audience as you. Create a slack group to share or use to network.

(John Rampton) – 1. Use retargeting pixels. 2. Article syndication with syndication tag (gives site credit in Google for the original authorship).

Lots of great takeaways and if you attended ASW make sure to watch the complete video replay of this powerful session if you want to take your blog to the next level.

Affiliate Summit West Millionaire Blogger Panel

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