The Connection Between Google Ads and Affiliate Recruiting

If you are an affiliate manager for a company that also runs Google Video Ads, I want to share a unique opportunity to find new affiliates for your program. I serve as the affiliate manager for a national brand and thankfully, I also have access to the company’s Google Ads account (because I manage that as well). I recently came across a “hack” while running Google Ads reports so I thought I would share it.

If you don’t have access to Google Ads, you will need to request access or make friends with the person who has access in the company. If you are requesting access, make sure to let them know you only want “Read Only” which is less threatening. If you can’t get access, you will want to ask them to run a few reports for you.

What Report Do You Need?

Under Google Video Ads is a report called “Where Ads Showed” under placements. The link to view this will appear at the top of the screen:

It is here that you can see (you guessed it) where your keyword targeted video ads have shown. As you look at this list of websites and YouTube channels, you will be able to add several metrics to views such as Impressions, Views, View Rate, Cost per View, and several others. The columns that I recommend viewing are Impressions, View Rate, and Conversions. You want to see which channels are getting the best engagement or conversions to find out which audiences are resonating with your message. Once you have identified them, you can reach out and share the data to make your case that this brand would make a good affiliate. I recommend sending a screenshot if you can, and obviously remove any data that you would not want to share. This screenshot below shows some sample metrics, however, I have removed the channels for privacy.

What I found that first caught my attention was that there was a brand that I had met with at Affiliate Summit, and I had literally followed up with them a day prior. I noticed they were at the top of the list and had some decent metrics, so I used this as an opportunity to follow up and confirm my suspicions that they would be a good brand to work with. Next, I scoured the list and found another brand that I had reached out to that didn’t show much interest. Using the data, I crafted an email to the president of the company that essentially said, “your audience loves our content… why not get paid for sharing it?” I am still waiting to hear back from those two companies, however, I now have a list of several new potential affiliates to reach out to.

If you happen t give this a try, I’d love to hear how it works for you. If you have any questions about affiliate management or digital marketing, feel free to reach out.

(Originally posted on LinkedIn)


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