The Keys to Duplicating Success in Affiliate Marketing (and in Life!)

The other day I was talking to one of the affiliates in a program that I manage. He had made some simple tweaks to his

Keys to Duplicating Success

website and started to see some improvement. In fact, in just a few days, he went from a trickle of sales to making over $600 in 2 days! As I congratulated him, I said the key question to ask is “what does it take to make that happen consistently?” To which he agreed.

So, what does it take? Well, for starters you need to look at what you did. It’s been said that “you cannot manage what you do not measure”,  and it’s very true in every aspect of life. It sounds silly, but often times people obtain success in affiliate marketing (or in another area of life) and they don’t really know how or why they are successful. Even worse, they don’t dig deeper to find out.

I recall one time I was getting checks in the mail from an affiliate program that I had stopped promoting years prior. I wanted so bad to find out where this money was originating to I could improve on it, but I could not and the checks eventually stopped coming in.

In the case of the affiliate I was working with, he knew what had helped and it was finding some low hanging fruit in the form of long tail keywords to optimize his site for. Now do you think he was going to go out and find some more of those? You better believe it!

So the keys to duplicating success in your affiliate business are:

  1. Identify Where you Need Improvement. Is it traffic? Is it a list? Is it conversions? Whatever it is, identify the problem. In my friends case, he needed more traffic and he found a way to get it.
  2. Learn How to Make the Improvements You Need. The Internet can be your friend when you want to learn a new skill. Sometimes is also requires a coach or someone who has been there before. People are often willing to help you if you ask. There is a another saying that I love, “we have not because we ask not.” ASK for help!
  3. Record Your Baselines. If you don’t know where you are starting, you won’t know how successful you are in the end.
  4. TAKE ACTION. Once you know what to do, take action. Remember, knowledge is not power.. APPLIED knowledge is power! Implement the changes you decide to make and see what the results are.
  5. Measure Results. Did the changes work? Do they need a tweak? This is where you will do the real work. Marketing is about testing and making adjustments, and you should never stop testing in marketing.
  6.  Revise, Repeat, and REVVV UP! – As you find what is not working, you will need to revise along the way. When you find what is working, you will not only want to repeat it, but REVV IT UP!

I hope that is helpful. Feel free to let me know how this process works for you!

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